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Prankul Middha
Computer simulation


Prankul is a leading expert in computer modelling relevant to operations and process safety. Typical areas where he has demonstrated expertise include technical safety, especially related to gas dispersion and fire & explosion effects, process engineering, flow assurance, subsea hydrodynamics, as well as structural analysis and response.

Prankul is a chemical engineer with a doctorate from University of Bergen, Norway. He is a practitioner and trainer in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) which he has applied to reduce risks in the oil and gas, nuclear, renewables and energy sector.

His training courses are delivered internationally to a wide audience of specialist engineers, regulators, academics, researchers and designers. He has over 15 years experience as a consultant using these specialised techniques to provide informed and cost-effective solutions to major operating companies and engineering contractors.

In his free time, Prankul enjoys hiking in mountains and any sport with a bat and ball.