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  • Premier Safety Associates

People who make a difference

  • We value our integrity and will never compromise our position. Trust is fundamental to all our working relationships.
  • We believe that excellence in health, safety, security and environment processes are the essential basis of a sustainable business model.
  • We enjoy working with clients who seek to constantly review, improve and grow their businesses.
  • We aspire to work with clients who understand that the safety culture is set at the highest levels of an organisation and are not satisfied until the culture is embedded and lived by all levels of leadership in their business.
  • We understand and respect the cultural diversity of the oil and gas industry as a force that must leave a positive legacy footprint.

Working Principles

  • We give independent and challenging assessments to our clients. Our advice and recommendations will be pragmatic but seek to stretch performance.
  • We can converse from the rig floor to the Board Room and identify the barriers and filters that prevent good communication.
  • Our output is not minimum legal compliance. It identifies and promotes best practice that demonstrates enlightened corporate governance for our clients.

Enlightened executives

“The business world is full of people who are plenty clever - smart, quick of mind and conversant in current management concepts.

In short supply are managers who are wise – by which I mean discerning, reflective, more appropriately sceptical, and less vulnerable to simplistic formulas and quick-fix remedies”