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A comprehensive industry portfolio

We facilitate strategic planning and provide solutions for immediate operational issues. We find that sometimes these problems have root causes that may require the more strategic approach that has a medium to long-term time span.

In particular, cultural issues are much more difficult to understand, accept and plot a course of action. Such plans can only be effective if integrated with the business aims and goals of our clients.

Our work is a mix of risk management at cultural, processes and operational levels of engagement. These activities frequently overlap or converge and typically are as follows:

Leadership and Culture

  • Development and support for corporate governance risk assurance processes
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Safety culture surveys
  • Strategic planning
  • Formulation of balanced scorecards that align with risk reduction
  • Development and monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Development, monitoring and trending for performance measures
  • Behavioural safety training and coaching
  • Oversight of safety critical contractors on behalf of clients
  • HSSE and Technical Integrity due diligence

Business Process Support

  • Management systems development
  • Development of processes, standards and guidelines
  • Preparation of bid documents
  • Evaluation of bid proposals
  • Review and advise on HSSE and Technical Integrity data acquisition, analysis, presentation and retrieval/archive processes
  • Independent expert witness for legal proceedings or dispute resolution

Process Safety

  • Review and advise on process safety management controls during design, operation and maintenance
  • Development of process safety and asset integrity performance measures
  • Development and training in process safety standards
  • Reviewing and advising on the relevance, effectiveness and implementation of risk assessments when applied to process safety and prevention of major accidental events
  • Development and facilitation of process safety leadership competency
  • Integration of occupational safety, asset integrity and process safety management systems

Technical Integrity

  • Develop, review and upgrades to technical integrity systems for: down-hole materials, seabed facilities, pipelines and flexibles, fixed and floating structures, process plant, utilities
  • Advisory services within the technical integrity envelope, covering civil, structural, marine, materials, corrosion, inspection and underwater engineering
  • Advise and develop risk based inspection processes
  • Fitness for purpose assessments.
  • Discrete engineering analyses


  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Development and help with implementation of environmental management systems
  • Support in development of strategies and practical solutions for issues such as climate change and energy, ecosystem services, local environment impact
  • Environmental assessments, emergency planning and risk mitigation for major accidental events


  • Security threat assessments
  • Security and personal safety reviews
  • Security and personal safety plans and procedures
  • Security systems project management
  • Counter-terrorism and advice and training
  • Executive protection and safe driver training services

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

  • Development and writing of emergency response (ER) and crisis management plans
  • Emergency response training
  • Planning and organisation for varied ER scenario based exercise
  • Media and relatives response training
  • TV training for senior executives
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Post-incident analysis of ER and crisis management effectiveness
  • Business continuity planning, crisis management and disaster recovery

Sustainable Development

  • Review and advice on social and community based development projects
  • Facilitation of materiality mapping as inputs to corporate strategies
  • Social impact assessments
  • Develop performance measures and indicators to fulfil Global Reporting Initiative™  (GRI) protocol and corporate strategies
  • Facilitate and advise on GRI data collection, analysis, presentation and reporting


  • Project HSSE reviews
  • Environmental and sustainability audits
  • HSSE audits (management systems, asset integrity, process safety, drilling safety/rigs)
  • Independent verification
  • Third party commentary


Corporate Governance and Oversight of Contractors

The oil and gas industry has always been heavily reliant on contractors and their performance is integral to the success of our clients. For peace of mind the Executive Board need to have corporate assurance processes in place that demonstrate:

  • Complete contractor integration with the client’s values and risk management processes
  • That the integration is vertical (up and down the chain of command) and horizontal (embracing sub-contractors, affected communities, regulators and partners)
  • A shared culture that truly ‘walks the talk’ and prevents harm to people and the environment

Oversight requires people who really understand the business, can stand back and see the big picture, are impartial and credible.