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Process safety

The design, operation and maintenance of hazardous process plant are central to the activities of our clients.

These activities can take place in extreme environments and often in regions where engineering standards and legal requirements are ambiguous, weak and sometimes non-existent. The challenge is to set standards that establish a strong Process Safety culture.

The consequences of not managing Process Safety can result in a major accident event that could destroy a plant (or offshore facility) and cause a large number of fatalities with significant environmental impact. These incidents will almost certainly damage reputation and could even threaten the survivability of a company.

We review process designs, operating practices and maintenance systems to establish how well they are aligned with best Process Safety management standards. We advise on how to design Process Safety performance measures; and then subsequently monitor and analyse, so that remedial action can be taken before a serious process safety incident occurs. Where such systems are in place we independently verify their effectiveness and, if necessary, recommend improvements.

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