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Technical integrity

Technical Integrity is interdependent with Process Safety because it reduces the risks from loss of containment and provides assurance that structures can withstand environmental and accidental events through the lifetime of the facility.

Technical Integrity and Process Safety management combine to reduce the likelihood of occupational incidents (e.g. slips, trips and falls) and major accident events (e.g. fire, explosion, structural failure, loss of buoyancy, pollution).

A Technical Integrity strategy needs to be incorporated during concept, design, construction and operational phases. It applies equally to upgrades of existing facilities.

The economic advantages of extending the life-span of facilities places great importance on a risk-based technical integrity assurance process.

We advise on the development of integrity management systems for: down-hole materials, subsea facilities, pipelines (and flexibles), process plant, fixed and floating structures. We carry out audits, reviews, due diligence, independent verification, life-extension assessments and expert witness services.


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